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              2.4G 資產管理有源RFID閱讀器
              SENSE Active RFID Readers for Asset Management
              SENSE active RFID readers for asset management are mini PCI-e card readers that can be integrated with Huawei IoT APs to identify active RFID tags.
              • 產品特點
              • 產品參數
              • 資料下載

                   ● Data security and trustworthiness

                  ? RFID readers communicate with RFID tags using proprietary protocols, ensuring secure and trustworthy information exchange.

                  ? RFID readers can read RFID tag data and transmit the data to Huawei APs through internal interfaces. Huawei APs then encapsulate and forward the data, ensuring secure and reliable transmission.

                   ● Remote upgrade

                  RFID readers support remote firmware upgrade, facilitating maintenance and management.

                    Simple deployment

                  is widely used in:

              · Enterprise application scenario

              Manages valuable assets such as instruments and medical devices, and shows the asset location, usage, and utilization in real time.

              · Store application scenario

              Tracks valuable exhibits in real time to prevent loss.



              SENSE-APXSIOT01 Active RFID Reader

              SENSE-APXSIOT00 Active RFID Reader

              Hardware parameters

              Communication interface

              Mini PCIe

              UART TTL (3.3 )

              Power supply

              DC  +3.3 V    IN


              · Steady red for 1s: The power supply is connected.

              · Blinking green: Tag information is being read.

              · Off: The reader is not working properly or no tag is found.

              Power consumption

              < 0.1 W

              Radio specifications

              Operating frequency

              2.4–2.483 GHz

              Working mode



              No antenna

              Backplane omnidirectional antenna

              Antenna gain


              2 dBi


              2 Mbit/s

              Reading sensitivity

              –85 dBm @ 0.1% BER

              Transmit power

              0–4 dBm

              Reading distance

              0–30 m

              Maximum reading speed

              300 tags per second

              Operating environment

              Operating temperature

              –30°C to +60°C

              Storage temperature

              –55°C to +85°C

              Relative humidity

              5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)

              Technical specifications


              10 g

              20 g


              (H x W x D)

              7 mm x 56 mm x 30 mm

              15 mm x 56 mm x 30 mm

              電話:86 - 0755 - 88833238
              傳真:86 - 0755 - 82924433
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