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              UHF/HF RFID 電子標簽
              SENSE Active Tag for Real-Time Location/Status Monitoring Datasheet
              SENSE active tag for real-time location/status monitoring are long-distance communication RFID tags that proactively transmit device status information to RFID readers to manage the real-time status (location, running status, and running duration) of valuable assets.
              • 產品特點
              • 產品參數
              • 資料下載

              lHigh location accuracy: The active tags support strong tag signal, long identification distance, and continuous location update in real time, which greatly reduce misjudgment.

              lAnti-collision: Advanced anti-collision technology can identify more than 300 tags per second without interference.

              lFast speed: The active tags moving at a speed of up to 40 km/h can be identified.

              lHigh security: Information about identified tags is encrypted using an encryption algorithm to ensure data transmission security.

              is widely used in:
              Asset management: manages valuable assets such as instruments and medical devices, and shows the asset location, usage, and utilization in real time.



              For Real-Time Location /Status Monitoring

              For Real-Time Location Monitoring-Time Location Monitoring


              Product functions

              Detection for the real-time working status of the equipment or instruments

              Asset location

              Asset location

              Intelligent diagnosis

              Alarm for the low battery of the tag

              Tag removal alarm

              Alarm for the low battery of the tag

              Tag removal alarm

              Installation mode

              Using the adhesive

              Using the adhesive

              Operating frequency

              2400–2483 MHz

              2400–2483 MHz

              Air interface rate

              250 kbit/s to 2 Mbit/s

              250 kbit/s to 2 Mbit/s

              Transmit power

              –20 dBm to +4 dBm

              –20 dBm to +4 dBm

              Reading distance

              10–30 m

              10–30 mCan be customized

              Receiver sensitivity

              –90 dBm

              –90 dBm

              Operating environment

              Quiescent current

              < 3 uA (+25°C)

              < 1 uA 

              Operating current

              Maximum: 16 mA

              0.003 mA

              Operating temperature

              –25°C to +70°C

              –30°C to +60°C

              Storage temperature

              –40°C to +85°C

              –55°C to +85°C

              Technical specifications

              Dimensions (H x D x W)

              43.5 mm x 55 mm x 35 mm

              7 mm x 42 mm x 18 mm


              154.8 g (including the adhesive)

              8.4 g (excluding the adhesive)

              9.1 g (including the adhesive)

              電話:86 - 0755 - 88833238
              傳真:86 - 0755 - 82924433
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