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              SENSE P系列倉庫入/出庫RFID智能系統
              SENSE P Series Warehouse Inbound/Outbound RFID Smart System
              SENSE P series Warehouse inbound/outbound RFID Smart system introduces radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in warehousing management. This system uses RFID sensor devices to identify RFID tags attached to goods packing boxes or pallets.
              • 產品特點
              • 產品參數
              • 資料下載

              ● High-performance UHF RFID logic reader

              ? Eight highly sensitive monostable RF ports on an RFID logic reader provide extremely high RF sensitivity required for the maximum accuracy and a logic algorithm reading , thereby providing the highest throughput in the industry.

              ? With the first-class processor and extended memory, an RFID reader provides excellent performance to support high throughput and complex software applications. Additionally, the RFID reader uses a dedicated efficient signal processing algorithm to ensure a high identification rate and quick logic algorithm operations on RFID tags.

              ? An RFID reader supports embedded applications to directly parse data. In this manner, the amount of data transmitted to the backend server is significantly reduced, which saves network bandwidth and improves data communication performance.

              ? Communication through RJ45 network ports or RS232 serial ports is supported for different application scenarios.

              ● Excellent scalability

              ? The system integrates the host, display, and touchscreen and offers high stability, reliability, and scalability.

              ? The system runs on the Windows operating system to provide APIs to interconnect with the existing warehouse management system.

              ● Excellent in anti-interference performance

              ? The system uses multi-channel sensors to perform the working logic, which can effectively prevent reading from being triggered by mistake.

              ? The system uses Sense RFID tags that have high gain and low standing wave ratio, and are used to control the tag identification range.

              ● Audible and Visual smart functions

              Audible and visual smart functions can be configured for logic controlling, and multiple real-time states to help service personnel learn about the working status of the system in a timely manner.

              ● Customization service

              Flexible customization is supported for different entrances and exits.

              ● Meet the scene

              The system protection box meets the customized requirements of IP53 ~ IP67.

              is widely used in:
              Enterprise warehouse entrance and exit management


              SENSE P Series Warehouse Inbound/Outbound RFID Smart System

              Dimensions (H x W x D)


              LLength of access control system 2000mm~4000mm

              WInner diameter width dimension2500mm~4000mm

              Outer diameter width dimension 4000mm~5500mm

              HHeight of access control system3000mm~4000mm


              1. Dimensions of the standard model SENSE P001

              2. Dimension customization is supported.

              Overall weight


              Standards compliance

              ISO 18000-6C

              Operating temperature

              –20°C to +60°C

              Storage temperature

              –30°C to +70°C

              Ambient humidity

              5%–95% RH (non-condensing)

              Power supply

              AC 220 V ± 10%, 55 Hz

              Power consumption of the entire system

              About 200 W

              RFID operating frequency

              902–928 MHz

              865–868 MHz

              According to different countries, you can choose one

              Key parameters of the industrial computer


              Windows 10 operating system, 4 GB memory

              Key parameters of the RFID reader

              UHF band

              902–928 MHz

              865–868 MHz

              Transmit power

              0–30 dBm Customized according to The National UHF RFID standards

              Identification sensitivity

              –86 dBm

              Communication mode

              10/100BASE-T Ethernet (RJ45)

              USB host and client (Type A and Type B)

              Serial port (DB9)

              Key parameters of the access controller


              High-speed solid-state relay (SSR)

              Signal input

              Triggering electrical signals such as the photoelectric switch and sensor switch

              Signal output

              Connecting to multiple audible and visual alarm devices

              Valid input level signal

              > 15 ms

              電話:86 - 0755 - 88833238
              傳真:86 - 0755 - 82924433
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